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Specialty Shows are put on by local clubs. If you wish to have a Nigerian Specialty in your area, contact your local club. ANDDA encourages members to get involved at the local level!

The purpose of the Specialty Show Program is to spotlight the Nigerian Dwarf Breed at show events sanctioned by multi-breed registries such as AGS, ADGA and CGS. Specialty shows should be promoted and presented in a manner which best displays and promotes the show aspect of the Breed. Aside from special awards, additional recognition is to be granted through show reports and/or photos in Breed or Association publications. The ANDDA brochure is available for display at your specialty.

Show Rules and Awards: The Nigerian Dwarf Specialty designation will be awarded to only one (1) sponsor and event in any AGS and ADGA District in any calendar year, plus one for an ADGA, AGS or CGS National Show. Check the rules for more detail. Application and report forms are now PDF FILLABLE so that you can complete them on your computer and email them to ANDDA. Payment can be made by check or through PayPal.

Contact Committee Chair: Aleshia Lockard for more information.

Click here for Application forms - pdf fillable

Be sure to get the post-show Report Forms - pdf fillable . Results MUST be sent to ANDDA within 45 days of your show to have your Show Results displayed on the ANDDA website!

Pictures must be sent electronically (email is fine) and each picture must be named to identify the animal and win (for example: Goaty Farms Angels and Devils won Best Udder. Picture should be named something like Best Udder Angels and Devils). If you do this, then the only list we need is the regular Report Form. JPG is preferred. Please send good, clear pictures that are big enough to display. If we have to enlarge the picture, you will lose a ton of resolution.

PAYMENT can be made via PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account. Please pay here after confirmation that your specialty has been approved.



ADGA District 3:
Legendary Goat Breeders Association
Location: Winston Salem Fairgrounds, Winston Salem, North Carolina
Show Date: 5/20/2018
Judge Joe Pilotte

ADGA District 4:
Michigan's Udder Side Dairy Goat Show
Location: Barry Expo Center, Hastings, Michigan
Show Date: 6/10/2018
Judge Anna Thompson-Hajdik

District 5:
Boons Companions
Location: Sedalia, MO
Show Date: 6/10/2018
Judge Jennifer Lohman-Peterson

District 6:
Wise County Dairy Goat Association
Location: Wise County Fairgrounds, Decatur, Texas
Show Date: 4/28/2018
Judge Sam Whiteside

ADGA District 7
Oregon State Fair
Location: Oregon State Fairgrounds, Salem, Oregon
Show Dates: 9/1/18
Judge Kris Fraley


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