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2010 ADGA National Show

Thanks to the dedicated breeders that participated in the 2010 ADGA National
where Nigerians competed for the first time.

In 2010, Nigerians were eligible to show at the ADGA National Shows for the first time. We easily met the "display" requirements for 2009 in Sacramento (see our candid pictures). These requirements were also met in 2008. The entry for the first ADGA National show for Nigerians was in excess of 300!

The ADGA requirements for display are: "If a breed has a minimum of 35 animals, 20 in milk from at least 5 exhibitors, from at least 5 separate herds (animals maintained at the same location are considered to be one herd, regardless of ownership) on display for two consecutive years, they will be added to the show the following year."

Once we are added to the competitive show, ADGA states....."A minimum of 100 animals entered and 80 animals shown, 40 in milk, are required to establish a dairy breed as a competitive breed. Any new breed not meeting this requirement must start the process from the beginning and resubmit a request for inclusion in the National Show.


CONGRATULATIONS to our first ADGA National winners!

ADGA National Sr. CH
Rosasharn's Haiku
Owned and Bred by Anne Petersen

Reserve National Sr. CH Doe
AGS Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey
Owned and Bred by Anne Petersen

ADGA National Junior Champion is
NC PromisedLand RC Bella

Owned by Jill Whomble and Shelly & Joshua Thomas of
Heaven's Hollow Dairy Goats in Wray, Colorado
Bred by Keith & Marie Harrell, NC PromisedLand

ADGA National Junior Reserve Champion
Little Tots Estate Camellia
owned by Rusty Repp

Premier Youth Nigerian Exhibitor
Amelia Caldwell, Pholia Farm, Oregon


Two year Old Sr. Does

5-6 Year Olds

7 and Older

Marge Kitchen of Minnesota

Don't Mess with Texas Nigerians




Allan Weinand of Minnesota

Anita Deupree



Susan Ausman's Display



Susan & Junior Ausman's pens

Ashley Gallaway's Goats

Ashley's Display



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