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American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association

These Bylaws serve to further define and clarify the Constitution of the American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association, therefore the Article numbers are not consecutive, but correspond with the appropriate Article of the Constitution. Items passed by the Board of Directors after March 1, 1999, are indicated by the date approved.


Article I - Name (added 1/2010)
The ANDDA name and logo is protected by copyright. Use of the logo or name by any individual or group without permission of the Board is forbidden, except that members may use the logo and name to state their membership and link back to the ANDDA website or other electronic medium set up by ANDDA (such as Facebook).


The Purpose of the Constitution will be carried out by, but not limited to:


Supporting multi-breed dairy goat registries, such as the American Goat Society and the Canadian Goat Society, that maintain herd books for the Nigerian Dwarf breed by:


Encouraging the use of their services as a registry.

Encouraging the participation in shows sanctioned by the registries.

Encouraging participation in the registries ancillary programs such as production testing and type classification programs.

Encouraging member involvement in the business of the registries.

Achieving recognition and registration of the Nigerian Dwarf breed by the American Dairy Goat Association and other multi-breed dairy goat registries that exist in the territories of operation.

Publication of an Association newsletter.

Compilation and publication of milk records and type classification scores.

Publication of articles on the breed in dairy goat related publications.


ANDDA will have two districts, an Eastern District and a Western District. The Eastern District is defined as the area east of the Mississippi River and the province of Ontario and east. The Western District is defined as the area west of the Mississippi River (including the whole states of Minnesota and Louisiana) and the province of Manitoba and west. For Members residing outside the United States or Canada, they will belong to the geographically closest District.


The following types of membership exist within ANDDA:

Individual Membership: Secured by an individual. This is the only type of membership eligible to serve on the Board of Directors of the Association. This membership is entitled to one vote.

Affiliate Membership: Secured by partnerships, corporations, institutions or organizations. This membership is entitled to one vote. No member of an affiliate membership is entitled to hold office unless that individual is also an individual Member of the Association.

Honorary Membership: A non-voting membership bestowed by the Board of Directors to individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to the Nigerian Dwarf breed. This membership is not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

Annual dues for the first Individual Membership in a household or for an Affiliate Membership is $15.00, except that dues paid between September 1 and December 31 will be $10. Annual dues for each additional Individual Membership in the same household is $5.00.

Members joining on or after August 1 will be considered having paid dues through the following calendar year. (10/21/99)


The guidelines for committee and special appointments are:

Newsletter Editor

Edit and publish each issue of the newsletter (the number and frequency to be determined by the Board of Directors) in a timely manner. The newsletter is to be sent to all Members to inform them of the Associationís activities and to serve as a vehicle for the exchange of news, useful information and helpful ideas.

Assist the Election Chairperson, when feasible, by publication of election materials

Assist the Secretary-Treasurer by publishing meeting notices, meeting minutes, financial reports and membership rosters


Public Relations Coordinator

Prepare informational and promotional material about the Nigerian Dwarf goat and the Association.

Ensure that advertising is placed in a timely manner and that handouts, brochures, membership applications, and other Association materials are available at Nigerian Dwarf shows sanctioned by multi-breed dairy goat registries, exhibits at fairs, and other opportunities to educate the public about the breed or Association.

Publications Coordinator

Solicit pictures and other information for publication in dairy goat related and general interest publications. Equal consideration should be given to all animals that qualify on the basis of show wins, production records, type classification scores and other notable accomplishments.

ADGA Project Coordinator -- Responsible to serve as the liaison between the American Dairy Goat Association and ANDDA.
Election Committee

Production Committee--

Responsible for the collection and publication of production records.
Responsible for special recognition for those animals achieving superior records.
All-American Committee


As the Board of Directors deems necessary, these Bylaws will be amended, further clarified or repealed.



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