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ANDDA has developed several "contests" for their membership. In addition, member's goats are recognized for achievements in the show ring, in Linear Appraisal and in milk productions. These programs are inexpensive and results are posted to the ANDDA website.

TOTAL PERFORMER PROGRAM: The Total Performer program was started in 2006 and recognized only one doe per year. In 2015, the Board revised the Total Performer Program to recognize ALL top does in the breed. The ANDDA Total Performer Program is intended to be for those does that have excelled in the show ring, are on DHIA and are milking above average, and have been Appraised and/or Classified at the Excellent level. It is an ANDDA Program that is designed to be won by the elite animals that use these "measuring sticks" offered through AGS and ADGA. Entries close on MAY 1.

SUE RUCKER JUJU AWARDS for milk and butterfat production for member's does is a program that was encouraged and promoted by Sue Rucker (Buttin' Heads). This program recognizes does at several levels of production in the DHIA program. Doe records for DHIA must be submitted by May 1 with their most current lactation


In addition to ANDDA sponsored contests, we are pleased to post to our website, other achievements by Nigerian Dwarves.

BEST IN SHOW: It is always exciting when one of our Nigerians win a Best in Show over the big boys and girls -- demonstrating again that they are true dairy goats. Enjoy this picture page showing off these exceptional Nigerians! If you've won a BIS and would like to be included on this page, please contact us. ALL BIS winners in ADGA, AGS or CGS shows will be listed (upon request). Need not be a member to be listed. Links to their web sites will be included for ANDDA Members.

SUPERIOR GENETICS: 2010 is the first year Nigerians have been included in the ADGA Superior Genetics database. Take a look. These are animals that are proving their genetic worth in production (DHI) and structure (Linear Appraisal).

MILK PRODUCTION: ANDDA recognizes the top milk producers in the breed as determined by ADGA and AGS. Our milk production page includes a listing of members who participate in DHI.

LINEAR APPRAISAL/CLASSIFICATION: ANDDA recognizes those Nigerians that have appraised Excellent for the first time. ADGA has posted the LA results for all breeds, which gives us an informative comparison for how Nigerians stack up.

NATIONAL SHOWS: ANDDA is pleased to recognize the winners of National Shows sponsored by AGS and ADGA. AGS show wins are available from 1996 to present. Nigerians were eligible to show at the ADGA National Shows for the first time in 2010.

SPECIALTY RESULTS: We are also pleased to post the results of our Specialty shows, held around the country.

TITLES: What do all those numbers and letters, before and after a goat's name, mean? Here's a quick explanation.



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