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The purpose of ANDDA is to promote and ensure the continued vitality of the Nigerian Dwarf goat as a true miniature dairy breed by:
  • Seeking recognition equivalent to that bestowed on the standard-sized dairy breeds.
  • Serving as the national Nigerian Dwarf goat breed association that represents Nigerian Dwarf goat breeders to multi-breed dairy goat registries.
  • Increasing breeders understanding of dairy goat management and conformation.
  • Encouraging closer fellowship among the Members through meetings, correspondence and the circulation of useful information, news and ideas.
  • Promoting the use of goat products, including, but not limited to, milk and milk products.
  • Cooperating with other organizations in the development of the dairy goat industry in general.

The organization is ruled by Constitution and Bylaws . The Board of Directors performs the day to day tasks of running ANDDA with the help of several Committees.

ANDDA has two districts. A Western District comprised of all states West of the Mississippi and an Eastern District comprised of all states East of the Mississippi. There are two directors from each district and a Director at Large.

Member are invited to join the ANDDA Yahoo Group (anddamembers) to receive important updates from ANDDA.

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(terms begin July 1)


President (2018):

Margie Dykstra
11395 Meridian St
Independence, OR 97351

Vice President (2018):
Angel Cole
72 Hwy. 92
Boydton VA 23917
(434) 738-8527
Email .

Aleshia Lockard
4035 Carson Dr. SE
Salem Oregon 97317


Eastern Director (17)
Jane Bailey
2408 Peters Corner Rd
Marydel, MD 21649
(410) 438-2629

Eastern Director (18)
Logan Meyer
524 Charlestown Rd
Hampton, NJ 08827

Director-At-Large (17)
Carol Harlan
29555 SW Mill Creek Rd
Sheridan, OR 97378

Western Director (18):
Ellen Dorsey
21181 E Hwy 28A
Chelsea, Oklahoma 74016
(918) 824-2844

Western Director (18):
Laura Archuleta
P.O. Box 164
Saguache, CO 81149
(719) 850-1572


Current Committee Members

ANDDA All-American
Logan Meyer

ANDDA Total Performer Committee
Margie Dykstra

JUJU Awards
Laura Archuleta

Election Committee
(to be determined)

ND Color Project
Logan Meyer, Margie Dykstra

ADGA Liason: Ellen Dorsey
AGS Liason: Donna Neill

Historical Coordinator: Tom Rucker
Newsletter Staff: Lisa French

Public Relations Coordinator

Specialty Shows Coordinator
Aleshia Lockard

Margie Dykstra


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